Monday, November 10, 2008

Hope, Change, Inspiration

As you all know I work late nights. Last night when I came home from work my husband fell asleep with the TV on as usual. Usually I turn it off an go straight to bed but there was an awesome movie on last night. The movie was called Dinosaurus! This was one of the greatest movies I have seen in a long time. Yes it is a kids movie but sometimes theses movies are more interesting than an adult movie. Anyway this movie inspires Hope, Change, and working together to find a better place. It takes place a million years ago with the great migration of dinosaurus. It's shows how if we all work together no one will get left behind. Sometimes we even need to show our enemies that change is what we need in order for us all to survive. With the elections just passing us and President Obama instilling Hope and Change in us I know that this will be a good movie that we can go back and watch with our children so 1.)they can understand the meaning of our new Presidents message 2.) our children can really know what working together is. Again this is a great movie and I plan to show this movie to my children during family movie night to inspire them and I also know that this would be a great movie for your children.

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~Juanita~ said...

Thanks for the movie review. I thought I'd seen every kid movie out there. JK, that's what feels like though. I actually haven't ever seen Dinosaurs and I've never heard of it either. I'll have to grab a copy so me and the kids can watch it together. Sounds like a really good story with a good lesson in it.

PromoMama said...

It is a great lesson to be learned in it. Im suprised I missed it too because it came out back in 2000. I tell ya it was so good I was up to 5am watching it.