Thursday, November 20, 2008


We Can Do Anything!

I have been feeling a little down on myself lately. That's why I have skipped a couple of post. Sorry y'all. Needing encouragement as an adult I just don't get it as much as I did as a child. As a parent we do all of the encouraging telling our children they can do everything and be anything. Without taking heed to our own words. Children emulate what they see and I figured if they see me fall and not getting back up then my action will not be their reward. I have been seeing this piece by the AdCouncil. The piece is very good. My take on this is it is telling us as fathers, mothers, grandmothers, parents in general, if we are going to encourage our kids we need to show them how it is done and be committed. For me it changes the outlook on me also. I can't teach my kids if I don't teach myself and learn from my mistakes and practice practice practice until I get it right. Watch the commerical an enjoy its humor as well as its message. Thank you and good night.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Honesty and Entrepreneurship

A friend and I were talking the other day. She knows I have a burning desire to become an entrepreneur (not a wealthy get me a mansion kinda of wealth but just being able to quite my night job kinda wealth.)

Me: My promotional products business just is not taking off like I would like it to.

Friend: That's because you don't lie.

Me: No I don't lie.

Friend: That's the problem! How many times have you went to a restaurant and they promised its the best food you will every taste, and it's not. How many times have you been to a dealership and you don't wind up getting the car you would like to get. You have got to learn to lie at the drop of a hat. (snap, snap)

Me: (Thinking to myself) If lying is the only way to get business then maybe business is not for me. There has got to be a way to put honesty and entrepreneurship together.

For all you entrepreneurs do you feel that sometimes you might have to stretch the truth to get a sale.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Quote Of The Day

"Order or disorder depends upon organization"
Sun Tzu
Well two quotes of the day!
"She who can modify her tactics in relation to her
opponent,and thereby succeed in winning,
may be called a heaven-borne captain."
Sun Tzu

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hope, Change, Inspiration

As you all know I work late nights. Last night when I came home from work my husband fell asleep with the TV on as usual. Usually I turn it off an go straight to bed but there was an awesome movie on last night. The movie was called Dinosaurus! This was one of the greatest movies I have seen in a long time. Yes it is a kids movie but sometimes theses movies are more interesting than an adult movie. Anyway this movie inspires Hope, Change, and working together to find a better place. It takes place a million years ago with the great migration of dinosaurus. It's shows how if we all work together no one will get left behind. Sometimes we even need to show our enemies that change is what we need in order for us all to survive. With the elections just passing us and President Obama instilling Hope and Change in us I know that this will be a good movie that we can go back and watch with our children so 1.)they can understand the meaning of our new Presidents message 2.) our children can really know what working together is. Again this is a great movie and I plan to show this movie to my children during family movie night to inspire them and I also know that this would be a great movie for your children.

Please excuse the redecoration ya'll. I did not feel comfortable with the way the site looked. So bare with me.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I Got Tagged

I got tagged by Everyday Mom over at Mom of One the other day. I am required to share 7 random things about myself. Well here I go:

1. I was born and raised on a farm in Alabama
2. I have 3 sisters, 1 brother, 16 nieces and nephews
3. I love to read hot steaming juicy romance novels
4. I love hip hop and r&b (old school)
5. I sneak off from my family and go to the park for peace and quite
6. I sleep with a huge pillow and my husband tells me the pillow is my boyfriend
7. I once dated a guy with a size 18 shoe (the myth is not true!)

Now it is my turn to tag!

Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Virtual Vacant Lots

Did she say, Virtual Vacant Lots.

Yes, I said Virtual Vacant Lots. This is probably not the technical term but it is the term that I am going to use.

You have the Internet and on the Internet you own a portion which is ultimately your web address (virtual estate) because you have to buy this domain name and you buy so much bandwidth to host this domain name right. Great we understand each other so far. Virtual Vacant Lots, wow, I am still new to the blogging game, so I searched and searched the Internet on how layouts should be, see if anyone else is talking about what I am interested in talking about on my blog without stepping on toes, ya know. It seems like every time I look for a new blogger club network ( Not that I don't love Mom Blogger Club, love them!) But just to meet other people and branch out there. These other clubs have maybe 100 members and no one has posted in the network for at least a year, so that means that site is going no where and fast a VIRTUAL VACANT LOT. There are other times when you're just searching for other blogs that look interesting and get there read a good article but it was posted back in 2007 and when you go to the home page it has not been updated since 2007. VIRTUAL VACANT LOT! Are you experiencing the same things? I am running into a lot of vacant websites or blog. Who every owns the Internet, or the server that these sites are on or what have you needs to do one big cleansing to get all those vacant lots out the way or quite trying to sell them for thousands of dollars because of the unique name instead sell them for pennies on the dollar so we can buy up some of the precious space and do something useful with it.

These virtual vacant lots may also be a goldmine in disguise. How you ask. Well say that you are having a hard time saying what you have to say on your site. You find a virtual vacant lot and it has a very nice article that you could probably elaborate on or maybe even pick the site up from where it left off. Contact the owner or who is hosting the site ask them to sell the site to you for x amount of dollars. The site already has the traffic that you are looking for, the page ranks that you need, now it just needs someone to operate it and take it to that next level. It is the same in cyberspace as it is in the real world. Buy a piece of property and flip it.


Congratulations Barack Obama!

I did not blog post yesterday. I did not go to work yesterday. Yesterday was a moment in history I did not want to miss a minute of. I missed everything else because of working all night and sleeping all day. I did not want to miss one minute of the counting of the votes. I knew that Senator Obama would become President-elect Obama. I knew in my heart that it was truly time for change. I know alot of people are asking the question of President-elect Obama what are you going to do now. When instead we should be asking him the question: What do you want us to do now to help you change the USA because change is not just done with one person it takes all of us to put forth the effort to build a better place for you and me.

Proud American.