Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Virtual Vacant Lots

Did she say, Virtual Vacant Lots.

Yes, I said Virtual Vacant Lots. This is probably not the technical term but it is the term that I am going to use.

You have the Internet and on the Internet you own a portion which is ultimately your web address (virtual estate) because you have to buy this domain name and you buy so much bandwidth to host this domain name right. Great we understand each other so far. Virtual Vacant Lots, wow, I am still new to the blogging game, so I searched and searched the Internet on how layouts should be, see if anyone else is talking about what I am interested in talking about on my blog without stepping on toes, ya know. It seems like every time I look for a new blogger club network ( Not that I don't love Mom Blogger Club, love them!) But just to meet other people and branch out there. These other clubs have maybe 100 members and no one has posted in the network for at least a year, so that means that site is going no where and fast a VIRTUAL VACANT LOT. There are other times when you're just searching for other blogs that look interesting and get there read a good article but it was posted back in 2007 and when you go to the home page it has not been updated since 2007. VIRTUAL VACANT LOT! Are you experiencing the same things? I am running into a lot of vacant websites or blog. Who every owns the Internet, or the server that these sites are on or what have you needs to do one big cleansing to get all those vacant lots out the way or quite trying to sell them for thousands of dollars because of the unique name instead sell them for pennies on the dollar so we can buy up some of the precious space and do something useful with it.

These virtual vacant lots may also be a goldmine in disguise. How you ask. Well say that you are having a hard time saying what you have to say on your site. You find a virtual vacant lot and it has a very nice article that you could probably elaborate on or maybe even pick the site up from where it left off. Contact the owner or who is hosting the site ask them to sell the site to you for x amount of dollars. The site already has the traffic that you are looking for, the page ranks that you need, now it just needs someone to operate it and take it to that next level. It is the same in cyberspace as it is in the real world. Buy a piece of property and flip it.


Arlice Nichole said...

I agree. I'm one that is guilty for joining groups and doing nothing aftewards. I think my mistake is that I joined too many at once.

PromoMama said...

I also joined to many groups and did not find the connections I expected which in turn leads to more and more empty or non active blogs and groups.

~Juanita~ said...

I agree with too. I didn't actually join a lot of networks, but have looked them up. I only join the ones that have active, update stuff on them and a lot of members. I have made connections on the groups that I have joined and the majority of my comments come from people in two of those groups.
(The groups are Mom Bloggers and 20somehting Bloggers).

My biggest problem is finding the time to network and participate in the groups and networks that I have joined.

PromoMama said...

I have a hard time participating in the groups and networking to. I hardly have enough time to cook dinner everyday for my family. So networking in a big task that I have to learn to prioritize.